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We will help you humanely change your dog's behaviour


Diamond Dog Behaviour and Training is focused on providing first-class dog training and behavioural services, including an in-depth assessment, behaviour modification and training, with ongoing advice and support. 


We use our own controlled, stress-free secure large professional dog training area. This is important because you cannot change your dog's behaviour by continually placing the dog in an environment in which it is reactive; behaviour needs to be modified first in a controlled environment, and then carefully reintroduced. 


These are just some of the issues and problem behaviours we can help positively change:


Dog-dog aggression, aggression toward people inc biting, lunging, lack of socialisation, snapping, growling, mouthing and nipping.

Excessive barking , over-excitement, jumping, fearfulness,  phobia, play deficit. 

Rescue/rehab anxious dogs- including fear of other dogs, people, and environmental factors, including vehicles, etc. 

Play biting, protectiveness (food, toy etc, resource guarding) rebellious type behaviour, territorial aggression, separation anxiety, inappropriate toileting including marking.

Why choose Diamond Dog Behaviour?

  • Over 25 years of experience

  • Secure large professional dog training area

  • Full-time professional practice 7 days a week

  • Veterinary referrals, owner/handler referrals

  • Continuing and ongoing advice

  • Specialised behaviour modification and training methodology

  • All training is humane and force-free

  • Certified in the treatment and prevention of dog aggression (Dunbar Academy) an IAABC-approved course. 

  • Dip cert Dog Psychologist (C B C)

  • APDT professional trainer

  • Canine life and social skills trainer

  • NCC licensed 5 star boarder

We also offer dog and puppy training classes in Newcastle Northumberland and throughout the North East.




We specialise in behaviour modification, working with:


Dog-dog aggression and reactivity, anxiety, stress, fighting, inter-household aggression.

Excessive barking in dogs, over excitement, jumping, fearful dogs, phobia, play deficit, rescue/rehab

anxious dogs- including fear of other dogs, people and environmental factors, vehicle chasing etc, phobic response, recall issues related to chasing, separation anxiety and more.

Private Training


1-1 training in convenient sized sessions in my dedicated secure training area.

Training courses




Includes  training and distraction proofing with people and dogs,

stopping chasing and absconding,

distant work, use of whistle, also verbal and hand signals.



Includes distraction proofing with people and dogs

Basic training and advanced


Includes, sit/down, stay, loose leash, heel and attention training, basic recall, stationing

Advanced training

Distant obedience

Obedience competition mechanics


Residential training

Can be either block booked with boarding or on a drop off and pick up basis here at the centre., covering all of the above issues.

Boarding NCC rated 5 *****
We are Northumberland County Council Licensed boarders, rated 5 star, offering a home from home environment for your dogs with large extensive and secure grounds.


Puppy training

All the foundation skills including basic training in sit, down, recall, loose leash, bite inhibition and more


Adult dog training


Adult/adolescent training includes;


Recall (whistle/verbal/hand) with distraction proofing, attention training's, loose leash, distance commands, sit-down-stay +

Dog Reactive Class


Dog reactive classes are a practical follow on from assessment working alongside the owner and are for dogs that have the following issues;


Dog-dog aggression and fighting, excessive barking dogs, fearful dogs, anxious dogs including fear of other dogs, people and environment inc vehicle chasing/fear response. 


Diamond Dog Behaviour and Training,


Newcastle Upon Tyne

NE18 0LJ,

Easy access off the A69



Mob:    0739 799 9753


8.00 AM - 7.00 PM

Monday - Saturday


10:00 AM - 6:00 PM



About Diamond Dog Behaviour

David Holmes , Dip cert Dog Psychologist (CBC), Dog Behaviour Consultant has trained and researched extensively in animal behavioural sciences, psychology and learning theory. A leading pioneer of force-free dog and puppy training in the north-east, with over 25 years of experience. He is a full professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and is committed to its philosophy of education and humane non-punishing methods.


Certified in the treatment and prevention of dog aggression(Dunbar Academy) an IAABC approved course.


We offer our dog training in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and the North East.

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