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“I really don’t know what we would do without Diamond Dogs! David supported us from day one of receiving our new cocker spaniel puppy. Over the following months he provided further support in the form of training and advice. He is there whenever we need him, even if it’s last minute and whenever we go away I know our dog is having a great time too staying with the other pups at Diamond Dogs and being well looked after. Barney our dog has forged a special relationship with David and Susan and one which will continue we hope! Thank you for all you do Diamond Dogs I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.”


J and E, Corbridge.

Thank you for the care and attention you have given our lovely girl when she has stayed with you and for understanding her medical needs. 

I also appreciate the training you helped us with when she was a puppy. 

J, Ryton

My dogs love staying at David’s.  They get so excited when they realise where they are going.  This gives us peace of mind to know that they are happy and well cared for in comfortable surroundings as well as being kept under control.

M and T, Wallsend

We can now walk past other dogs (of all sizes) with complete confidence. It has been a remarkable improvement.


She has also managed to ignore some fairly serious distractions – dogs coming right up to her, sniffing, trying to get the treats from me, etc – all of which would usually have elicited a growl and a lunge.


We’re going to phase in other aspects of the training over the next six months, and will be back in touch for the classes at your home if we feel more help is needed at that point. Thanks again for your help, though, it’s totally changed walkies already.


It's now about 8 weeks since I started working on Pippa's behaviour and I want you to know that I am so very proud of her! There has been no aggression towards any dog in any circumstances for over 4 weeks! 

So many people are now commenting on my lovely happy, gentle and obedient dog! Walking her is once again a real pleasure! I'm now going all out regarding her fear of noises, she's already made much progress in this area too, so I'm certain that in a few weeks I'll have my perfect dog once again. Thank you for your help.

Anne, Fenham, Newcastle 

We enjoyed your visit on Tuesday and it paid dividends immediately.

Hugo is doing very well, his recall is excellent and the mouthing has virtually stopped!  

I was going to ask about pulling on the lead but I see you've included it in the program so that's good.

He's already a much calmer dog and so far we've had no more incidents of aggression (touch wood) although we are managing the situation carefully.

We'll let you know how he progresses.

Thanks again.

The Nich's, Cramlington


We really enjoyed your visit and could see how Jess really wanted to please and take part in the training. Having the framework that you provided with your knowledge of a dog's make up is really empowering and has given us the confidence to enjoy Jess more. I reckon this one time intervention from you was worth more than a dozen classes! The plan you have provided is invaluable as well as the assessment of Jess allowing us to make the right choices for her. Many thanks.

Steve, Wylam


My dog Earl came to me as a youngster after a rather vibrant start to his canine life. He had a mixture of problems, where one issue seemed to fuel another. His problems would escalate beyond a controllable level on occasion. I took him to a number of classes, took advice from experienced sources, read books and spent hours on internet research. Even with solid determination and patience, I could only take him so far and the tiniest of incidences would set him back weeks. I was almost defeated and I seriously thought I’d lose him as he began to handle situations more aggressively to warn any ‘danger’ to stay away – then I found David from Diamond Dog Behaviour and Training. David was extremely patient and took the time to understand Earl’s problems and how we could help him to be a happy dog. Earl was so confused and worried all the time, and I was so concerned about him that I needed someone who could interpret my ramblings and make a solid plan of action. David came out with us for a walk and put together a programme. I wondered how such simple methods could help Earl, but they really focused his mind and prevented him from being over stimulated by new environments. He improved massively in the first few weeks, and within a few months I could walk him through a tricky situation and feel fully in control. Earl now looks at a problem situation, offers desired behaviour and waits to have his click and treat for making the right choice (I swear he smiles too!). He’ll always be a character, but now it’s for the right reasons, and David is always there for help and advice. For all the hard work, seeing my lad wagging his tail and enjoying a casual lamppost sniff is something I never thought I’d see. I can now enjoy my dog, trust him off the lead, and I can just tell that he knows we saved him. He now looks forward to seeing ‘Uncle David’. 


Excellent service and support from a genuinely nice person who invests in a dog’s welfare, and the owner’s sanity – if you take the advice and work hard, I’m proof that the reward is there waiting... 


Liza Salt, Duke and Earl’s mum


Hi David,


Thanks for the visit and programme.

Paris is responding wonderfully, we’ve got her to 100% recall on a long lead + very smelly polony with distractions on the back field, so that’s wonderful.

We’ve got a clicker with whistle so we’re getting her used to that as well and she’s responding really well.

A little bit every day and the changes are quite amazing.

We will keep you updated.

Kind regards,

Trish, John & Paris.


A huge thank you from Patrick and myself for all your help, Patrick even sits, lies down and rolls over when he wants a toy from my mum's dog Ruby, thank you again.

The Flanagan family, Wallsend


David is a Jedi Master of dog training. After a couple of hours of training, my 'confident' dog was able to sit calmly when a loose big boxer dog got in his face in the park, something that would have previously resulted in a very nasty incident! It was amazing. If you have a dog with a prob, give Diamond Dog a try, you will not regret it.

Ian and Deb, Gateshead


We got our Collie cross puppy, Bess, when she was just 7 weeks old, due to the untimely death of her mother.  As Bess is so young and an orphan she needs us to teach her bite inhibition but we were really struggling to find an appropriate way to manage her excessive mouthing and biting.  I decided that professional help was needed after two weeks of being scratched and bruised by her needle-sharp puppy teeth.  Thanks to the Internet I found David.  When we discussed the problem on the phone I was reassured by David’s calm tone and obvious knowledge about the behaviour and needs of dogs, so I booked an appointment with him. David gave us really helpful practical advice about appropriate nutrition for Bess, as we had been unaware of additives such as sugar in some proprietary brands.  David observed Bess interacting with us and then introduced the clicker.  Bess took to the clicker straight away and her behaviour was transformed as if by magic in the space of a couple of hours.  This magic has to be maintained by us working with Bess and the clicker every day and we are all enjoying the training sessions with her.  It’s very rewarding to be able to develop Bess’s skills and enable her to be a calm and fulfilled puppy who will grow into a calm and fulfilled adult dog.  Having a dog is a huge responsibility, 24/7, and not something to do on a whim.  Having a local professional like David to help with your dog’s behaviour and training is a godsend, and as a family we heartily recommend him to anyone who wants the best for their pet. 

Michele and Stephen Rickitt, Morpeth, Northumberland  


Hi David


Just to keep you informed of our progress with Jack.  


He has responded extremely well to training set out in your programmes as have we!

Also, new development in our household is another dog!! can you believe it?   Someone I work with was rehoming a 6-month-old shitzu so we have taken him.   He has been with us now for three weeks and Jack is getting on well with him.   Jack's anxiety about being left has much improved.



We would just like to give you an update on Izzie's training.  She is coming along very nicely. 


We are doing the click and treat training every day in the home and garden and Izzie is doing really well.  We are also now doing the training when taking her out for walks. 


We know there is still a long way to go but we definitely are seeing a big difference in her behaviour and she is really enjoying her training (hot dogs and cheese being the top of her favourites list!). 


I have to say that Tye is really enjoying training also, he loves following everything Izzie does and getting treats for doing so is even better!


We will keep you up to date.  Thanks for all your help.


Hazel and Trevor



Just a quick update! Rex responding well to training! The whole family are now more involved which is great! We are still learning and get it wrong sometimes but on the whole things are good!  We will look forward to hearing from you! Thanks again for coming to see us so quickly you have made a huge difference!


Chris & Hayley, Durham


 Just a short note to express my thanks for the expert training that you have given to both Jack (17 month Labrador Puppy) & myself. It’s such a joy to train a dog (with your positive Click & Treat method) without any unnecessary force!


After attending your weekly training sessions, Jack’s behaviour has improved ten fold. Even though he’s still a puppy, he now interacts more calmly with other dogs & walks very well on & off his lead. When we play on the field with his ball I’m his centre of attention & not the other dogs ‘Jack is truly a joy to be with’. My wife & daughter are now able to take him on walks without him pulling them off their feet.

We look forward attending your workshops to continue to develop Jack & myself!

Paul, Cramlington


My dog is an 8 month old tibetan terrier who has developed a dislike of over boisterous dogs (since he ws attacked at 5 months with no warning from Boxer bitch). I am not comfortable with him being shouted at and dragged away from other dog and he does not now enjoy training class. Neither do I! I know there is a better way but need help!!! He is castrated which has made no difference what so ever and I am now at the stage where I would like a solution which makes sense and I feel is of benefit to the dog. I called him to me today and he shied away, the final straw as far as I am concerned. No more training class until this problem is addressed effectively in a way that I feel confident using and that doesn't make our dog want to avoid me...


 Finding Diamond Dog Behaviour & Training services has made a massive difference to our home life with our 12-month-old Westie. Clicker training is so simple, yet so effective! David is a constant resource of support & guidance with any hiccups we encounter with Missy. With rules in her life, she is a HAPPIER dog as she enjoys earning her rewards & making us happy by being a good girl. It's a continuous programme for us, but one which works! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to any dog owner.
Leigh & Ian Middleton (Gosforth)



Received you behaviour modification programme for Teddy today thank you, so thought I'd give you a quick update and of course ask a question or two!

I started the clicker training the same day you came to visit and Teddy grasped it really quickly, he's doing much better with other dogs around him and c and t works brilliantly here as does the halti as I feel like I have much more control over his behaviour and can redirect him very quickly when I get any unwanted aggression.  With regards to his jumping up when people come this has improved dramatically ...


Teddy was excellent kept his eyes on me and totally ignored other dog.  I am so pleased!  Only problem I can see with this is that labrador was handled by trainer and not owner and was therefore under control.  Teddy has been fine with all small dogs and calm large dogs.  He has reacted to large uncontrolled dogs but he calms much more quickly using the methods you suggested.  I used your feedback for recall and made sure I touched his collar before click and treat and I have really seen a huge improvement here.  He is 100% reliable at home, in the garden and at training class surrounded by other dogs so I am taking him to the farm where I keep my horse this afternoon to use one of the well fenced fields for a few recall practice sessions. 

thank you for your help


p.s Teddy won two first prizes at agility this week winning his set and then overall.  


'Hello David, first of all I would like to thank you so much!!!  There has been a huge change in Oscars behaviour, he is a much calmer, happier dog.  All family and friends who come to the house have followed your instructions and have been amazed how Oscar has responded. Again thank you so much for training myself and Tony!!!!

Linda, Tony and Oscar. N Shields


Thank you very much for your advice - Steve and I are much less stressed and I am sure Archie is much happier too!

Susan, Steve and Archie, Cramlington


jasper... he's doing really well... he's starting to listen more and he's got so much better on the lead.... your tips are working a treat....

Stacie and Tony, Darras Hall, Ponteland


Norman is doing fantastically!! I have implemented everything you said and his progress is very very good. Your technique is brilliant and there has been real improvement. There has been no biting since you came to visit and Norman is a much calmer dog. I have started walkinghim at a rescue centre with some of the stray dogs. I normally take Norman and my friend takes one of the strays and they walk together with no problems.

Lesley, Throckley

Finally I have to thank you for your help and assistance when we thought that we'd never be able to help Sparky.


J, Blyth

I chose Diamond Dogs as I wanted a trainer who would come to my home to assess our dog in his own environment. David was excellent, giving easy to follow advice and demonstrating practical exercises in a relaxed calm manner. His advice was followed up with a  written behaviour modification programme specifically addressing our dog’s needs. The information is easy to follow and we  noticed a change in our dog’s behaviour almost immediately. I have no hesitation in recommending Diamond Dog Behaviour Consultancy





Bear has spent many happy holidays with David since being quite young and had training when he first used to stay. This helped make him into the easily managed dog that he now is. He still enjoys his stays and comes home happy as a sand boy!


D. Gosforth


Max, our gsd, has been staying with David and Susan ever since he was a few months old, on our frequent trips away. Usually I drop him off. He bounds out of the car and into the house without a backward glance, followed by me with his luggage, and is usually too busy checking what has changed to give me more than a passing glance when I depart. On the occasions that David and Susan pick him up from our home, the excitement has to be seen to be believed. Happy dog = happy holidays. Thank you David and Susan, we rely on you utterly.


S and S, Gosforth

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