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Are you having Dog Behaviour Problems?
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Diamond Dog Behaviour is focused on providing first class dog behavioural services alongside dog training in Newcastle and dog training in Northumberland and throughout the North East.

Designed to change unwanted behaviour and rehabilitate your relationship with your dog.
Our approach is completely humane, scientifically proven, reward based and force free.
Diamond Dog is different because...
Unlike so many 'dog trainers' David Holmes Ba Hons is a long established training and behavioural consultant, qualified Dog Psychologist, APDT evaluator and trainer. 

He has and continues to research extensively in Psychology,Behavioural and Natural Sciences and the Technology of Learning Theory.
  • Over 25 years experience in behaviour modification and dog training having trained dogs for most of his adult life.
  • Regular Vet referrals for behaviour modification and dog training in Newcastle, Northumberland and throughout the North East 
  • Is ethically bound as a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers  and The Pet Professional Guild to promoting humane, training methods.
  • Positive scientifically approach to behaviour change
  • Enabling you to effectively communicate with your dog 


Behavioural Problems

If your dog presents any or a mixture of the problems below then a behaviour modification  is needed not just dog training.
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  • Dog to dog aggression, fighting
  • Aggression, fighting
  • People aggression                   
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive barking
  • Fear
  • Toileting issues        
  • Recall                                                  
  • Over-excitement                                          
  • Jumping
  • 'Bullying'
  • Obsessive Behaviour Disorder
  • Chasing
  • Roaming
  • Sexual Mounting
  • Eating Problems
  • Nervousness
  • Phobia
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dog training in NewcastleWhat we do 
Home Consultations
I will visit you and dog at home, working together with you and your dog to make an assessment which will include all of the following:
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  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Identify the presenting issues
  • the underlying issues
  • Easy to follow treatment
  • Working together for a positive outcome
  • All you need to know to make change possible
  • Full comprehensive support
  • Training tuition also available

Behaviour and training assessments with Diamond Dog Behaviour are thorough because they need to be. There are practitioners out there who will spend as little as 20 minutes 'evaluating' your dog, with no ; no guidance and only generic advice. In my assessment and practical training will be in the region of 2-3 hours and is tailored specifically for your dog and you. 

David Holmes Dog Behaviour Consultant and trainer vast experience working with dog aggression, dogs that are anxious and fearful, dogs that are phobic, dog reactivity, dogs that bark excessively and dogs with training issues such as poor recall, or responsiveness to instruction. He conducts dog training in Newcastle, Dog training in Northumberland and dog training throughout the North East.

Ongoing support and evaluation throughout the identified issues also included in the fee. If required classes may also be included as part of our Depth Training . Session frequency and is entirely flexible and is discussed prior to booking and during ongoing reviews as required. 

Dog training in Newcastle is always full of surprises and it is easy to say that no two dogs are alike. No two assessments are the same because no two environments are alike.

Equally Dog training in Northumberland can be challenging too and not necessarily because of the dogs. It is a huge County from Allenheads to the South all the way up to Berwick on the Scottish borders.

We offer our behaviour modification services and dog training in Newcastle, Northumberland and throughout the North East.

Tel 01661 853617 Mob 0776 165 1375

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